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Partner with us!

Partnerships are Mutually Beneficial

Partnership with Adams 12 STEM is a mutually beneficial relationship between your industry and our educational program. Partnerships are about time and talent, not about financial investment. There are many ways that you can be part of a dynamic educational model​.

How Partnerships Work

The Northglenn High School STEM staff and students have utilized partnerships since 2012 to solve real world problems.  Read through some of the highlights below to see how Northglenn High School STEM students have partnered with local organizations to solve problems.  We call these PBL's (Problem Based Learning).  Students are given an authentic problem and must come up with a solution using collaboration, 21st century skills and transdisciplinary lenses.  The best problems come from our partnerships.

EXPLORE: Come and see

  • Judge a competition
  • Serve as a panelist
  • Give a mock interview to a student

DESIGN: Get your creative juices flowing with our staff and students.

  • Be a thought partner
  • Design Challenges
  • Help Design a Campaign

CREATE: It's time to have some "skin in the game."

  • Mentor a student
  • Be a guest speaker
  • Create a hands-on demonstration
  • Help with student business plans
  • Provide technology (or other) support

IMPLEMENT: Expanding beyond the classroom.

  • Camps for Students or Teachers
  • Summer Experiences
  • Job Shadows
  • Host industry tours
  • Have challenges at your site

INTEGRATE: Help change our culture.

  • Workplace presentations
  • Industry Initiatives
  • Outreach events
  • Spend time co-locating here
  • Develop a talent pipeline

INVESTED: Our culture becomes part of your culture.

  • Educational degree design
  • Special events
  • Internships - paid or unpaid
  • Employment
  • Serve on an advisory

Examples of Partnerships

Senior Design Engineering and Biomedical

The City of Northglenn partners with our Senior Design class to create the centerpieces for the City's annual Business Appreciation Breakfast.
Seniors also get to take advantage of a year long research project with a partnership.  Some of our Senior Design partners include: City of Northglenn, Denver Zoo, Anythink Library, Denver Aquarium, KidSpace, Donor Alliance, and Catlilli Games. 



A Precious Child Ceramics

Student's in Ceramics class partnered with A Precious Child to support families who are going through difficult times by providing handmade and functional ceramic vessels for them to pick from when they are shopping at the A Precious Child Boutique.

Give us your Problems!

Please click the "add problem statement or video" link below to provide the Northglenn High School STEM team with as much information as possible as to problems you would like the students of Northglenn to help solve.  

Add Problem Statement or Video