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Art Club

Art club is a place where you can make the art that you want to make alongside peers.  It is a place where if you want some direction there will be an art teacher (Mr. Bell and sometimes Mr. Vartabedian) to help you along your way. This could be a great time to try something new or re-visit an art form that you know well. We will take a look at Photography, Drawing and Painting, Sculpture, and Ceramics. Realy anything you want.  There is a world of art out there, let's make some of it together!

This will be starting at 3:35 pm every Wednesday and ending around 4:45 pm  

It is all virtual until further notice. This is the Google Meet link.


The room has a waiting room, so if you do not see anyone there, just wait and I will let you in. Please make sure to be logged in under your student email.