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Drama Club

Click here to Access our Spring Musical-Rise Up! NHS Musical Cabaret

Welcome to the Northglenn High School Drama Department! As we move into a brand new decade, our theatre department is set to see many updates and changes while also continuing to boast fantastical performances year-round, parties for its dedicated members, and more... Below is an overview of all the different ways you can get involved in Drama Club!

    FALL PLAY: Love to act? This is the time to do so! The fall play is the very first drama production of the school year! This is a great opportunity to meet new theatre friends, try something new and it’s a fun experience! 

SHOWSTOPPERS: Showstopper is one of many branches of drama club, this portion of the club allows students to learn both technical theater and refine their performance skills. This is a great place to learn the ins and outs of theater and there is no prior experience needed. Students will attend workshops every other week in the auditorium, in order to prepare for a competition at ThesCon. 

IMPROV TROUPE : Did you know that we have an award winning Improv Troupe called Swans on Mars? A Northglenn drama tradition for many years, our improv troupe that competes at the State Thespian conference every year! The team selects 6-8 members through the process of audition. Our troupe has also served as an outreach of the drama program, performing both in schools and at local venues.  If you are interested in Improv Troupe, go to our website towards the beginning of the school year.  

 THESPIAN CONFERENCE: The Colorado Thespian Conference, or ThesCon, for short, is an  annual gathering where students from all areas of Colorado come together to learn and compete in the theater. Spanning over 3 days, students are able to participate in educational workshops, show off their talent, and see other students perform in plays and musicals or competitions. 

TECHNICAL THEATER: Do you love working with your hands? Do you have a passion for the Arts and want the show to look great? Then help with the set, lights, sounds, and costumes. We always need help in these areas. Talk to the heads of a section to get started: Holli Greening for costumes, Dean Merrow for lights and sounds, or Erin Anderson for set building.


If you feel like High School Musical lied to you and there is way too little singing, dancing and spotlight in your high school career for your taste, look no further than Northglenn Highschool’s Spring Musical. Come on down and try out our new and improved auditorium firsthand through learning experiences in the creation of a huge musical. Acting, dancing, singing, humor and amazing feats of technical prowess through impressive sets and awesome lighting and sound design are all waiting for you! Auditions are held in November! However, due to Covid, this year they will be held in Feburary!

YOUTH THEATER: Youth Theatre is an exciting annual event dedicated to the teaching and development of young actors and actresses from nearby schools in grades 3 - 8. Led and directed by Northglenn High School students, Youth Theatre gives you an opportunity to connect with possible future NHS theatre students in a way that is less intimidating for new performers and gives the students a chance to expand their horizons and discover their talents. This workshop includes tours of the department and school, singing, dancing, acting, improv, and tech exploration. 

AWARDS CEREMONY: The banquet is one of the final events of the school year in the drama department. People bring food and can participate in wearing costumes accordingly. During the award ceremony students are given pre-and adult nominee awards and seniors are given their exit honors. The students nominated awards range from best actor in the fall play to tech MVP. The awards ceremony is also the last event for everyone to be together before the seniors depart. 

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