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2018-2019 Yearbook Memories begin NOW!

Our Staff welcomes the Class of 2022 to Northglenn High School. It is our mission to document and archive every great moment from this school year for every student and staff members. You will see us at all of the major events that we will share together. You will be a part of this and we want to you make sure you get your yearbook!

Purchase a yearbook by the end of 2018  $45
Yearbooks after January 1, 2019  $50


Attention Seniors!

All senior picture submissions are due to the Main Office
by Friday September 22nd at 3 pm.

All photographs must meet the following yearbook requirements: 

  • All photos must be in color.
    • Black and white will not be accepted.
  • Senior must be centered in the photo, facing the camera with both eyes visible.
    • Pose must be waste-up shot.​
    • No knees in frame. No hands near the face.
    • Senior clothing and jewelry must be school appropriate.
    • No soft focus. No vignettes. No photo effects.
    • No "props" (hats, sunglasses, animals)
  • Photo files must be saved as the senior's last name and then first name, preferably on a CD. 

We recommend these Senior Photographers:

Leslie Dean Photography

Like me on Facebook: Leslie Dean Photography

“I have been a photographer most of my life.  I was the kid who always had a camera taking pictures. 10 years ago I turned my passion into my business; I am a portrait photographer working with newborns through high school seniors and their families.  I have found that my favorite thing is working with the high school seniors--I really enjoy capturing who they are at this time in their life. I make it a point to understand what both the senior and the parent want in the senior session, I do a pre-meeting with the senior and one or both parents, then we have our session on location, and then I meet again with the senior and parents for a fun post-meeting to view and order your portraits.  I look forward to meeting and working with the class of 2019.”

Steve and Catherine Meng
Front Range Digital Media Studio

“Moments today…Memories tomorrow”
Offering creative photography to capture your 

Lisa Craig Photography

“Working with Seniors is exciting because I get to capture a bit of everything that is YOU.  No phony hug a tree poses.  Most importantly, I’ll capture YOU, based on who you are and what’s important to YOU.  I’ll get the standard yearbook shot that meets the guidelines. I’ll make sure to get shots your Mom will like (after all she is likely the one paying for this).  Your photos will be uniquely yours.  We offer several pricing packages, including a BFF mini, too.  Let’s do this!”

Let Mr. Clawson know if you have additional question or are having an issue producing a senior pic.

Senior Dedications

Parents, it is an old tradition for parents and family members to purchase space in the yearbook and fill it with pictures and words of congratulations to their graduation senior. We have also seen seniors buy space for their friends. If you would like to be a part of these traditions, email Mr. Clawson for more information.

Sizes and Prices:
1/8 page- 1 picture, 30 words  $30
1/4 page- 2 pictures, 75 words  $55
1/2 page- 5 pictures, 200 words  $90
Full page- You Design It! $150

These submissions are due November 24th. You can purchase these dedications.