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Special Education Department

Special education support staff provide services to students who have Individual Education Programs.


Student Support Services exists to secure equitable access to learning and facilitate specially designed instruction for students with disabilities.


Students will attain the knowledge and skills necessary to pursue the future of their choosing and are equipped to navigate and thrive in our rapidly changing world.

We Believe:

  • All students are learners; those with disabilities require a balance of challenge and compassion to maneuver the complexities of the educational environment and to access opportunities to demonstrate learning in every interaction.
  • Students with disabilities require cohesive and coherent instruction intentionally facilitated by collaborative adults who leverage their strengths and believe in their possibilities.
  • Systemic, purposeful planning and monitoring ensures continual growth for students with disabilities.
  • The analysis of comprehensive data serves as the foundation for determining students’ unique specialized instructional programs.
  • Cultivating independence ensures students make decisions, problem-solve, and demonstrate personal responsibility.

Special education is individualized specially-designed instruction and related services provided to students with disabilities. Special education requires evidence and standards-based practices, continually guided by direct and frequent measures of student performance.

Staff Contact Information

For the Special education office, please call 720 972-4673.