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General Education

Important Dates for P-TECH & STEM Pathways

  • The application window will open October 31, 2019.
  • High School Information Night will held at the Educational Support Center from 6:00-8:00 PM November 12 & 13, 2019
  • Applications need to be received by: 12:00 noon on December 6, 2019.
  • We will mail acceptance packets on December 19, 2019.
  • Accepted candidates must inform NHS STEM of their plan to attend or not attend by: February 14, 2020.

Early College (EC@N-STEM) Program Information

See the description for the program.

Students must apply for the EC@N-STEM (PTECH) their eighth grade year to be eligible for the program.  See the timeline below for dates.

Family Visits now updated!

​Current and prospective Norse parents and students can tour Northglenn HS STEM.  No appointment is necessary.  Please park in the lot located at 102nd Ave. and Huron St.  Please enter through the Explore Archway into the STEM building. 

8:30-10:30 am 7:00-9:00 am
Friday - 9/6 Tuesday - 9/17
Tuesday - 10/1 Friday - 10/25
Friday - 11/1 Friday - 11/15
Friday - 11/22 Friday - 1/17
Tuesday - 2/18 Tuesday - 3/17

Student shadow experiences will be available from October to February.  A Family Visit is required before a student shadow experience can be arranged.  Information about student shadows is explained during the Family Visit. Feel free to contact Leslie Foster ( for more information after attending a Family Visit.


How Does Northglenn HS STEM compare to other high schools?

As STEMinspired educators, all the teacher at Northglenn HS practice these four tenets of STEM education:

Problem-Based Learning

In each discipline, students are presented with authentic, real-world problems on which to work.  They must present their findings and solutions to community/industry experts.  If any new idea can be transformed into an entrepreneurial effort, we have business partners who can work with students to make their plans into reality.

21st Century Skills

Students practice the skills necessary to be successful in the work force. These skills include: collaboration, creativity, innovation, problem-solving, and use of technology.

Inquiry-Based Learning

Students investigate and formulate questions as a way of understanding the content and discovering its significance.  "The power of an inquiry-based approach to teaching and learning is its potential to increase intellectual engagement and foster deep understanding through the development of a hands-on, minds-on and research-based disposition towards teaching and learning." --Neil Stephenson

Transdisciplinary Lenses

When developing transdisciplinary contexts surrounding a PBL experience for students, teachers incorporate the varied lenses of different disciplines that individuals would typically explore in that authentic real-world context.  Some of these lenses include: cultural, social, political, economic, historical, and scientific.

Video Describing Problem Based Learning (PBLs)

School/Business/Corporate Tours

Find out how to become a partner of Northglenn High School STEM and create amazing opportunities for students.

To find out about tours for non-partners, please contact:
Todd CornLeslie Foster, or Kerry Glenn .

If you would like to be trained on the Adams 12 STEM Model, please register using this link.  For more information about our model, please visit

If your student will be attending NHS starting Fall 2019 and would like to join a Pathway, have them request Intro to Engineering or Principles of Biomedical Sciences. They can talk with their teacher about how to join a Pathway at the end of first semester.

Adams 12 resident students currently attending Adams 12 Five Star Schools:
Eighth grade students attending Adams 12 schools will need to complete the STEM Application - Round 2 (and do not need to apply through the Choice Program). 

Students that reside out-of-district but currently attend an Adams 12 STEM school.
Non-resident eighth grade students attending Adams 12 STEM schools will need to complete the STEM Application (and do not need to apply through the Choice Program).

Students that reside out-of-district but do not currently attend an Adams 12 STEM school.
Non-resident students that are not attending an Adams 12 STEM school would need to apply with the STEM program and through our Choice Program in order to enroll in the NGHS STEM program.  Unfortunately, for the 2019/20 school year, Northglenn HS is not open to Choice for out-of-district students.  Therefore, the NGHS STEM program is not accepting students that reside out-of-district that are not attending an Adams 12 STEM school.

Students who are currently attending Northglenn HS and would like to select a pathway, can complete an in-building request.

    Educational Opportunities at Northglenn HS STEM

    • Students can start taking college-level classes for college credit starting their freshmen year!
    • Most freshmen take two years of math their freshmen year!
    • All freshmen take either PhysicsCollege Preparatory Physics, or Advanced Placement Physics (college level)!
    • We are the only school in the district that has offered Calculus 3on our campus for the last four years!  This class can be taken for college credit through University of Colorado - Denver.
    • Student Internships.
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