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Are students required to wear uniforms?

Students do not wear uniforms but they do dress professionally for PBL presentations.  Northglenn HS has a dress code that is on par with all high schools in Adams 12.  Many of our students participate in what they call "Fancy Fridays" where they will wear professional attire.  

If my student is currently attending Northglenn High School, do they need to complete an application?

No.  If students want to join a pathway, they can complete this form and sign up for the appropriate class as part of the course selection process in the Spring.

Is it possible to change pathways?

Yes.  Students can change from one pathway to another using this form, but they might not be able to finish the new pathway without taking addition course work.

If we live in the District 12 Five Star School District and my child attends a District school, do we need to complete the District choice process?

No.  You need to complete the STEM Pathways application on the Northglenn STEM Home page.

Can students in a STEM pathway take AP classes?

Yes.  Not only can they take AP classes, most students will takes multiple AP classes prior to graduation.