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Northglenn High School Athletics
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​​Access all Norse athletic schedules online. - ​To receive emails or texts regarding schedule changes, simply click "notify me" on the right side of the page and enter your notification details. More information about how to use the scheduler.


Athletics Registration

Registration for fall sports for the 2019-2020 school year has been postponed until Monday, July 29th. All registration will take place online and will be need to be complete before athletes can play.    Registration is still open for cross country, golf, tennis, and football.  Register now using the link, .  

Practice begins Monday, August 12th.  
Fall sports include: Football, Softball, Volleyball, Boys Soccer, Boys Tennis, Boys Golf, Cross Country, and Girls Gymnastics. PracticeSport Locations:
  • Football (Fottball Field 4:00 PM)
  • Softball (Softball Field 3:30PM) 
  • Volleyball (Large Gym 3:45)
  • Boys Soccer (Football Field 7:00AM)
  • Boys Tennis (Tennis Courts 3:15PM)
  • Boys Golf (Legacy Ridge Golf Course 3:30PM)   
  • Cross Country (Track 3:15PM)

Athletic registration paperwork in no longer available and registration will available online using the link below.  

***All athletic registrations require a current physical that will be valid through the entire season and a payment of $150***.

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Fall Sports

Boy's Golf
Boy's Tennis
Boy's Soccer
Cross Country

Winter Sports

Boy's Basketball
Girl's Basketball
Girl's Swimming

Spring Sports

Boy's Swimming
Girl's Golf
Girl's Soccer
Girl's Tennis
Track and Field
Boys & Girls Lacrosse

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