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EC@N Questions & Answers

Which FRCC courses do I need to complete?
Students will be completing coursework necessary to earn their AAS degree and specific classes will be available from the link on our EC@N-STEM page.

Will elective options be limited for EC@N-STEM students?
As a comprehensive high school, we have dozens of electives and it is not possible for students to take all electives offered. EC@N-STEM students will need to be selective as to which electives beyond those required for their degree.

Will the EC@N-STEM coursework (or scheduling of the classes) interfere with the opportunity to take AP classes?
Our counselors and administrators make every effort to reduce scheduling conflicts when building our master schedule. Some scheduling conflicts still do occur and counselors help navigate the options with students. EC@N-STEM students will be taking some classes for college credit through concurrent enrollment and will have the opportunity to take AP classes as well.

What types of transcripts will students receive and when?
Students will be registered at Northglenn HS and Front Range community college starting their freshmen year and can request transcripts from both institutions.

Will any of the courses be available online, especially in the summer?
At this time it is not anticipated that students will be able to take online coursework for free.

What does the course-load look like in the summer?
Starting the summer between 8th and 9th grade will include a two-and-a-half day required summer camp. The experience will include:  team building, high school projects, visits to Level (3) & Front Range Community College, as well as skill building.

Future summer coursework will be customized to the needs to the EC@N-STEM students for their success academically and professionally.

Is it possible to “jump ahead” in the summer?  If so, would I still have to take classes during the regular school year, or could I focus my time and energy on other courses/electives? 
At this time it is not anticipated that students will be able to take summer coursework for free.
Which courses would transfer to a four-year program at a college or university in Colorado?
You will need to check with individual colleges regarding the transferability of credits.

If I’ve already been accepted into another pathway, can I change my mind and apply for EC@N-STEM?
We want the best program fit for students. PLTW Engineering and PLTW Biomedical Pathways prepare students for four-year college degrees with concurrent enrollment options through University of Colorado, Colorado Springs starting their freshmen year.
EC@N-STEM provides students the workforce skills and training necessary to be hired directly into a tech field.