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Career Exploration


Students interested in a hands-on experience to shadow professionals from local businesses and industries can sign up for the 9-5 Program. See 
Mr. Wanberg in the Counseling Office for more information.

Experience 9 to 5

What is a Career Cluster/Pathway?

A career pathways/cluster is a series of connected education and training programs, work experiences, and student support services that enable individuals to secure a job or advance in a demand industry or occupation.

Simply put, it is a student's preparation towards a career. This includes meaningful and intentional high school coursework, job experiences, internships, job shadows, and any other experiences connected to the student's eventual matriculation into college coursework for a specific occupation. 

NGHS Internships

Students, this is not the end all be all. This is, simply put, a collection of resources that will greatly aid you. However, if you have any questions, doubts or fears about interviewing, resumes, etc. Mr. Mendoza will take the time to give advice/guidance on your resume, to mock interview you, and/or help construct an email to send out to a company of interest. This is A LOT of information, take your time processing, and ask for help if you need it. Reach out via email (form below), by phone, or visit us in the Student Relations office during your off hour.


How to Dress: First Impressions matter, how you dress greatly determines what kind you'll leave.
Answering Interview Questions: Get an upper hand and gain some insight on how best to answer interview questions.
Answering Scenario Based Questions: Handle these and you'll be miles ahead of your peers.
Questions to Ask an Interviewer: Believe it or not, this interview is for THEM too, be thoughtful in the questions you ask... More Questions.
Critical Thinking: This is an asset throughout life. Practice your Critical Thinking skills asking these questions when you learn or discover new information! This can only help during/before your interview.
You're just about Ready: A Pre-Interview Checklist, just in case.


Sample 'Teen' Resumes and Writing a Cover Letter: Some simple/straightforward samples to help guide you on this small, but significant part of the professional world.
Resume and Cover Letter Templates:Consider this a head start, but don't be afraid to make it your own too.
Action Verbs: You may be saying the same thing, but action verbs GREATLY strengthen your Resume; use them wisely and take it to the next level.
76 Transferable Skills: Much like action verbs, more effective ways of describing/stating the skills you already have.


Does a company seem to not offer opportunities for you, but you're not sure? Advocate for yourself, and take a leap of faith.
Sending an Email/Making the Phone Call to Schedule an Informational Interview:
I know it may be nerve wracking, and you may not know where to start, well... this is a good start! 
Informational Interview Dos and Some Don'ts: You're taking the lead on this one, lets help you avoid mistakes.
Questions You can/should ask: Got the interview? Bring some meaningful questions!
Back to the Basics: Writing a Thank You card may not get you the position, but it definitely will make you stand out and be memorable
Additional Resources: LinkedIn is the Facebook for Professionals, a deeper look into how it can be a useful tool, and more helpful information in general.

Get Connected

PTECH Coordinator
Mr. Kerry Glenn

STEM Coordinator
Mr. Nick Kosovich

STEM Coordinator
Mrs. Leslie Foster

Goodwill Interventionist
Mr. Juan Mendoza