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Career & Technical Education


The Career and Technology Department is excited to get you thinking about your future!

CTE programs include career skills training that helps students become ready for college or work. This curriculum focuses students on academic, employability, and technical skills used in a specific occupation. We all need to learn how to cook, raise children, do our taxes, plan for our futures, open a bank account. If you ask any college graduate and they will tell you that these are the classes they appreciate the most. We have fun teachers, engaging classes and a high success rate.

Course Offerings:

Whether you are looking for opportunities to become an entrepenur, start your own business, get a job as a master chef, enter into the archetectural design or into the field of education, this department has a lot to offer! Check our full course description to see what interests you. Don't hesitate to ask our FACS/Business teachers about any of the offerings. We would love to help you find your PLACE in CTE!


Oh the places you can go...