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Book Bingo

Read books. Play bingo. Win prizes. 

How to play:

  1. Send an email to Mrs. Briner with Book Bingo in the subject line to let her know you want to play. 

  2. For the center square, send Mrs. Briner an email introducing yourself. Write a paragraph or send a video. Tell her what grade you are in and what you like to read. 

  3. Print out a bingo card and track your progress. 

  4. Every time you finish a book, email Mrs. Briner (subject: Book Bingo) and let her know on what square you want the book applied. 

  5. Book titles may be used only once per card.

How do you win?

BINGO: Complete a horizontal, vertical or diagonal line.
​BLACKOUT: Complete all 25 squares.

All BINGO winners will receive a prize. BLACKOUT winners will be entered to win a Grand Prize (TBA).

To be eligible for a prize, Mrs. Briner must receive all book titles by March 19, 2021.