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Titles & Championships

July 29, 2020

Northglenn HS STEM was named as a finalist for the Colorado Succeeds Prize for Transformational Impact in a High School category.  

November 14, 2019

Northglenn HS Senior Design students were named State Finalists for Samsung's Solve for Tomorrow Competition.  The students are working to solve the problem of repopulating the Colorado Greenback Cutthroat Trout in high mountain lakes and streams.

Team members: Raymond Nowak, Wesley Mazzuca, William Solorio Hernandez, Jeremiah Nethken, and Logan Barbich


May 3, 2014
Northglenn HS STEM's Coding Club was chosen the US House of Representatives APP Challenge Champions for the 7th Congressional District.  

Team Members:  Tommy Kopala, Caleb Dudley, and David Kopala
Also pictured: Jane Goff (Colorado State Board of Education), Robert Thompson (Sponsor), Kerry Glenn (STEM Coordinator), Mark Clark (A 12 Board of Education), Congressman Ed Perlmutter, Kent Hups (STEM Advisor), Sharee Blunt (Principal), Janette Walters (Executive Director of Secondary Schools)


Grants and Facility Updates

Reading Plus


100 licenses for three years were donated to Northglenn HS STEM to help improve our students literacy!

STEM Facility Update


Northglenn High School's pool area has been converted into four large laboratories and two large presentation areas.  All of these areas are state-of-the-art and designed to meet industry needs.

Click here to see how they filled the pool.

Cafeteria Update


In addition to updating our cafeteria, our school is working toward healthier options for meals and increasing the amount of refuse that is being recycled or composted. 

Khan Academy


Northglenn HS STEM has been provided with Train the Trainer instruction.  Teachers from our campus will be able to train others in strategic use of Khan Academy materials.

Dell Vostros


A mobile lab consisting of 36 Dell Vostro laptops were donated to help with the Reading Plus program.  

Additionally, Northglenn HS students were able to earn technology during the 2012-2013 school year. 

Student Support Foundation


SSF is a philanthropic club that is sponsored by the Morgridge Family Foundation.  In addition to managing a grant, students work on a green project.

Problem Based Learning (PBLs)
These have already been completed last year or are in the works.

US History

Westward Expansion. Developing lesson that addresses the national social studies standards for adult learners earning their equivalency diplomas.


Bacterial Resistance.  Developing an action plan for how the population can reduce, limit or eliminate the "cause" contributions to antibiotic resistance.

American Literature

Acquisition of English for English Language Learners.  How can we effectively and accuratel introduce our culture to those who have newly arrived in the US?


Campus Cleanliness. Students studied the campus of Northglenn HS STEM by taking pictures and collecting trash from different areas.  They compiled the data, surveyed students and made recommendations to a panel about what could be done to increase campus cleanliness.

English 9 and Biology

Improving Nutrition in Colorado.  English and Biology classes have been blended to address the problem of nutrition in Colorado.

AP US History

Women's Rights Public Service Announcement. How can nations and societies such as Afghanistan, Saudi Arabia, Haiti and nations on the Horn of Africa ferment a culture of change and reform towards women's rights?


Correlation between Access to Technology and Test Achievement.  Reseach and make recommendations for district personnel, including grant writers, regarding the association between technology access and test scores.

Adult Living

Family Finance.  Selecting six families from our community who would like some help with budgeting and debt reduction.


Improving Individual Fitness.


What does a 21st Century Library look like?

World History

Creating a PSA to address issues within developing countries.


Deferred action for childhood arrivals.


ADA compliance v convenience.


Design, creation, analysis and marketing of a lip balm.


Public relations campaign around prescription drug abuse.


Creating a custom unit for the sink basins in the biomedical classes.


Advanced ELL students creating lessons for beginning students.

US History

Preventing Financial Crisis.


Addressing elk overpopulation in Rocky Mountain National Park.

US Government

Political Campaign Issues. Writing a political campaign on contraversial issues.

Whole School PBL

Marketing Northglenn HS STEM.  Creating two different marketing plans, one for parents/students, the other for industry.  The marketing plan for parents/students will culminate in a 15-20 presentation for district choice nights at Thornton HS and Northglenn HS STEM.  This presentation will be delivered by a NHS marketing student and the audience will evaluate the presentation.

Graphic Design

NHS STEM Logo.  After interviewing school and district personnel, students created logos for possible adoption as Northglenn HS STEM's new logo. 

C.P. English 9

Children's books.  Writing children's books that attempts to explain tragedies to children ages 6-10.


NHS Health Profile.  How does NHS health profile compare to state and national averages?


Eating Disorders.  Create an awareness campaign for a variety of eating disorders.  Identify and promote support services for these disorders.


Study, analysis, and recommendations for Snowmass fossil dig in Colorado.


Consumable energy product.  This product will be used to supply high school students, ages 14 to 18 years old, with a healthy alternative to improve energy levels and nutrition.


Horror Movie.  A horror movie will be shot in Denver the winter of 2012-2013.  Students need to plan a series of shots to support the director's vision of the film as communicated in the script.  If their scene is selected, they will able to go on set for the filming of that scene.  Students will be credited, but will sign over the rights to their intellectual property.


Creating a coaching handbook for Little League Baseball Physics.


Oxygen and carbon dioxide exchange onboard submarines.

Performing Arts

Increasing enrollment in our performing arts classes.

Early Childhood Education

Metacognitive learning around gross motor skills.

Drawing II/III

Advertising for the Molly Brown musical

Environmental Science

Creating a geocaching tour of Northglenn HS STEM for incoming ninth graders to be used by LINK leaders.

English 9

Romeo & Juliet.  Students will be creating lessons for incoming 9th graders on conflict resolution.


Interventions to prevent/reduce teen crime.

Multicultural & Contempory Literature

Preparing a lesson for eighth graders helping them aclimate to high school.