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Free Application for Federal Student Aid

FAFSA: Free Application for Federal Student Aid

Do you have money saved away to pay for college? Not too many people do these days. Anyone who is a senior interested in going to college right after high school should be learning how to fill out their FAFSA. The Northglenn Counseling Team will be meeting with all of their seniors during the first semester in order to educate them on the FAFSA form.

The FAFSA application will open for seniors to fill out on October 1st of this year.

In order to fill out your FAFSA you will need to create a secure and confidential login, called a FSA ID.  ​If you know you social security or DACA number, you may start this process now.




Do you want to attend college next school year, but are not sure of how to pay for all of the costs, including tuition, room and and board, rent, books, a meal plan and fees? 

Most families cannot afford to pay upfront for the entire yearly cost of sending their student to college. The Free Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA) is available to complete October of your student's senior year for entrance into college for the fall.