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New Student Enrollment

To enroll/register as a new student at Northglenn High School:

  • You must live in the Northglenn attendance boundary to attend Northglenn HS. Use the district boundary locator to determine if you live in our boundaries.  Northglenn High School is not currently open to Choice.

  • If you are a new student to Northglenn High School, enrollment documents are available online HERE or may be picked up the counseling office at Northglenn High School.

    • Complete a Household Change Form if you have moved within Adams12 Five Star Schoools district boundaries and will be attending a new school.

    • Complete the entire Enrollment Packet if you are new to Adams12 Five Star Schools.

    • Additional students in the same family should complete the Additional Student Packet.

  • Complete and sign all forms and gather the necessary documentation required (see page 2 of the Enrollment Packet).  Documents needed:

    • Parent/Guardian Photo ID

    • Student’s Birth Certificate

    • One Proof of Residence

    • Immunization Records

    • Previous school information.  Please refer to page 2 of the Enrollment Packet for a complete list of documentation requirements.

  • Take your completed enrollment forms and all required documentation to the Northglenn High School Counseling Office.

       If you are NEW to Northglenn High School, please click HERE to take a brief survey.

New Student Follow-Up Survey (February/March)

If you're new to Northglenn this year, please click HERE to take a follow-up survey.  We'd like to hear your feedback and know how things are going for you!