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Let’s Get Healthy!

March is our Northglenn Mental Health and Wellness Challenge Month.  We're challenging students and their families to get healthy with us - or continue to practice healthy habits.  For each person who participates you will be entered into a drawing for fun prizes.  If you participate in either the "Wellness BINGO" or the "Walk to Fort Collins" challenge, you will be entered into a drawing to win prizes.  

Sign up if you plan to participate and track your progress on this Google document.

Challenge One:  Wellness BINGO   

For Wellness BINGO, make a copy of the March Wellness Google Document, and track what you have completed on the first tab. As you complete each activity, mark it off virtually on your BINGO card. You can highlight the square, or put a line through it to track what you have completed.  If you complete 10 of 15 activities, you'll be entered into the drawing. If you complete all 15 for a "blackout", you will be entered twice.

Challenge Two:  Walk to Fort Collins 

To participate in the walking challenge,  you will "walk" from Northglenn to Fort Collins by tracking your daily steps/mileage on your copy of the March Wellness Google Document (second tab).  If you participate in the walking challenge, you will earn one entry - and if you complete the challenge you will earn two entries into the drawing. 

Remember to make a copy of the Google document.  Then submit yours to Mrs. Armijo by March 19th to be eligible for prizes.   Good luck! We look forward to having fun and getting healthy with you in March!