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Frequently Asked Questions

Who should I speak to about setting up a tour of the school to check out the STEM program?

Send a direct email to either Todd Corn or Eric Hotz for a quick reply about tours, STEM curriculum or application information. 

How do I contact a specific office at Northglenn High School? 

Main Office - (720)972-4600 

Attendance Office-(720)972-4736

Counseling Office-(720)972-4625

Registrar/Records Office-(720)972-4621

STEM Office-(720)972-4695

Student Relations Ofiice-(720)972-4617

How Do I Report A Student Absence?

Please call our attendance line at 720-972-4736. Absences must be reported on Northglenn's attendance line, even if the teacher has been notified of the absence. This number may be called at anytime to report an absence or tardy. Please leave a message with the following information:

Name of person calling
Relationship to student
Student's name
Date(s) of absence
Reason for absence
Teacher's name
Requests for homework

Where can I find contact information for my child's teacher? 

The staff directory has the complete list of every teacher under the "Our School" tab. You can search for the last name of the teacher, or search for the department they teach in under the "Academics" page. Every staff member profile provides a contact form for you to fill out that will go directly to their email and answered in a timely manner. 

How can I check my child's progress/grades?

Use Infinite Campus. This can be found in the top right hand corner of the home page. 

How Do I Request A Copy Of My Transcript?

If you are currently enrolled at Northglenn High School and need a transcript submitted as part of the college application process, please request a transcript through Naviance; if you need any help, please meet with your school counselor.

If you are planning to withdraw from Northglenn High School and need copies of your cumulative file (including transcripts, assessment scores, immunization records, and enrollment history), a parent/guardian needs to come to the counseling office and meet with Ms. Annis (720-972-4621) to complete a withdrawal form. All information about these requests can be found here.

If you have already graduated from Northglenn High School, all transcript and records requests are managed through the district office  You can make the request here:

Who can I talk to if I have a concern about my student feeling bullied or struggling in a class?

There are many adults in the building that can help with these issues, but we suggest starting with the student's counselor, please give our Counseling secretary a call and she can help direct you to your child's individual Counselor at 720-972-4625.

I need to pay my student's fees, do I need to come in or can I do it online?

You can always contact our Bookkeeper, Ms. Strong. However, we do have an online payment method that many families use. The district site outlines how to set yourself up to do just that. 

Why should I send my student to Northglenn High School? 

District 12 Superintendent Chris Gdowski said it best:

"Word is very clearly out on the street about the exciting opportunities available at Northglenn High School, as demonstrated by enrollment that is growing by leaps and bounds. In the 2011-12 school year, Northglenn's freshman class totaled 441 students. Freshman enrollment grew to 570 last fall, and this year Northglenn High School has a freshman class of 600 -- with a waiting list to boot! Parents and students tell me that part of the draw is Northglenn's STEM program, which gives students the opportunity to challenge themselves in pre-engineering and bioscience in a state-of-the-art facility, but that they are also impressed with the school-wide focus on relevant and engaging problem-based learning activities and an energetic staff that is eager to welcome their children to the school.

I've had the chance to join local political leaders, academics from higher education, and business people on panels in which we evaluate student presentations on pressing matters of public policy, such as the environmental, economic, political and legal issues related to fracking. Those industry and community members consistently tell me they are impressed by the quality of the staff and students they are observing, a conclusion which is also borne out by the school's academic performance data.  Northglenn has made three consecutive years of improvement in its school performance rating assigned by the Colorado Department of Education, and is now less than five points away from earning Performance school status -- the state's highest designation."