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Shout Out to Norsemen Alumni


With such a long standing history of excellence, it is always fun to be reminded of the amazing things the Norse Alumni are doing to make our community, country and world a better place. Check out these great stories!

The Class of 1968 was the first graduating class of our school. This tight knit group has stayed in touch in full force for many years. They made an appearance at the 50th Anniversary of the school several years ago and got to visit with Mr. Maglaras, the first principal of the school, along with other staff members from their high school years. They just recently celebrated their 50 reunion together. It has been our great honor and privilege to have contact with this great group of people. This week, Dan Eberhart and Harold Suazo, representatives from the class, stopped by to visit and give a generous donation to our fine arts department. These two gentleman were part of the committee to select our amazing mascot and school colors!!!! 53 years of Rich History and Tradition! Thank you to the entire class for their continuing contributions. 

One week later...the a representative from the Class of '78 sent in a donation for our Norse Cares Fund! These Norse met for their 40 year reunion, along with several others ranging from the classes of 1975 to 1980. These former Norsemen took a tour of the school and its new additions during their 40 reunion this fall. These proceeds are a donation from a variety of members that wanted to give back to the school. Pictured is the senior year panorama of the Class of '78 , but our many thanks go out to all of the alumni from '75 to '80 for your generosity and school pride. We appreciate you and hope to continue to make you proud!!

Laura Richardson, Class of 82, has been in the Army since the mid 80's. Her service to our country, along with countless other alumni, has been a great sense of pride to her parents, family and Norse community. She is the daughter of Dr. and Suzanne Strickland, whose family have been a part of our Northglenn community for decades. In 2012, Laura became the first female deputy commanding general for the 1st Cavalry Division, known as "America's first team." This year, Lt. Gen. Laura J. Richardson was given the honor to command the United States Army Forces Command (FORSCOM), which is headquartered at Fort Bragg, NC. This is the first time in U.S. history that a woman in leading the largest command in the Army! We are so proud of Lt. General Richardson! The article about her awesome story is found here.     

Jim McDermott, Class of '94, has been part of the light and sound community since his graduation from Full Sail University in Florida. He moved to Nashville several years ago to work with some of the nation's best musicians. He has honed his skills as a sound engineer in the recording studio, as well as on the road. Jim has been working with Country singer Dierks Bentley for many years now as the "Front of House-Sound Engineer". His craft has changed over time as technology has opened the door for new ways to produce sound have been created. In a recent interview, he stated "I am convinced that this new STEM curriculum will be a great way for future sound engineers to leave Northglenn with a leg up on the competition-I wish it had been around when I was at the Glenn." Jim's most recent production video highlights his experience with cutting edge technology. Production companies and industry brand names have sought him out as a leader in the field. Of course winning the Country Music Awards (CMA) for "Engineer of the Year" hasn't hurt either. We are proud to remain in contact with Jim and other alumni in these technological fields. If you would like more information on a career in light and sound technology, please fill out a "Contact us" form and we will get you in touch with Jim!    

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