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Norsemen Rock!

Awnee Montano

Northglenn is proud to introduce Miss Awnee Montano to the greater community. This young lady was honored by the district this week for being an upstanding citizen. Awnee has a heart of gold and has been a great example of community service. She is a friend to the friendless, a great sister to her siblings and she brightens up any room that she walks in to. Awnee spends a lot of time as an advocate at the Rocky Mountain Hospital for Chilren, St. Luke's. She is described by her friends as a compassionate and sincere individual who is a great listener. This particular award honors her as an essential member of our community. She has been commended by district employees for her kindness towards others and her charge to help out in the smallest of ways. Whether it's helping clean up or assist a student in need, Awnee is someone to befriend! We are proud to have her as part of our Northglenn Family! If you see her in the hallway, give her a high five!