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We Are In This Together!


With the switch back to remote learning, the counseling department wanted to start a positive mental health social media campaign that students and staff can all participate in. We've named it #TakeCareOfYourselfie and hope it can highlight the ways in which we all are engaging in self care during the pandemic/stressful remote learning time. It will also include some self care ideas and overall mental health tips.

We would love for you all to join us and submit a school-appropriate "selfie" of yourself engaging in your favorite self care activity, such as reading, cooking, or whatever other activity they enjoy. You can submit selfies directly to Ms. Gallegos ( and they'll be reposted on our department's Instagram and Twitter accounts. Thank you all and can't wait to see those selfies!


The counseling office is working hard to create fun activities for all to participate in and help build our mental health.  We are hosting the #TakeCareOfYourselfie challenge and we will be working on our physical health too.  The link for our November Northglenn Norse Winter Family Challenge is here.  We encourage you to work on yourself, and your family's mental health this month and join in on our campaigns.  There are fun prizes involved in the health challenge.

Let us know if you have any questions. :)