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SAT/PSAT Testing Coming Soon


Latest updates on the Colorado State Assessment schedule for this April. Here are the dates of tests for our students:  

April 13 - SAT (11th grade)

April 14 - PSAT 10 (10th grade) 

April 15 - PSAT 9 (9th grade)

For each day of testing, students will report to school at the normal start time and test for the morning; exact arrival and departure times will be determined at a later date.  If students test with accommodations, the test will go into the afternoon; exact arrival and departure times will be determined at a later date.  We ask that you please refrain from scheduling any appointments for students, referenced above, on their testing day.  We know emergencies arise, and we do have make-up days scheduled for later in April, but it is our goal to test as many students on the original test day. Please note: students will be assigned asynchronous work on their non-test days, including seniors.  For example, 9th grade students will complete asynchronous work on April 13th and 14th since they are not testing.  

We will work in accordance with state and county health guidelines to maintain a healthy and safe testing environment for all students and we encourage all of our students to participate in testing.  However, families may choose to opt-out of these test days. Please contact our school’s assessment coordinator, Charles Arellano at by April 1st, if you would like to discuss the opt-out process.   Please remember that when opting-out your student from the test, an opportunity to show proficiency for graduation has been removed.  

We will continue to send out information about the April testing days in the next couple of weeks. Thank you for your continued support throughout this school year!