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AP Testing Information for Digital Tests

ap test

All students who are taking a digital test for their AP course(s) will need to take some time to peruse this information. The district is STRONGLY recommending that all students who are taking digital tests use a DISTRICT Chromebook for the digital test. Students are NOT allowed to use their own personal chromebook (PCs, laptops and macbooks MAY be ok). The district is stressing that only through these Chromebooks checked out from the school will be test ready as other devices will need preparation, application downloads and assurance that storage space and operating systems are up to date. 

Northglenn high school will be checking out a school Chromebook to EVERY student who does not currently have one from the school. That Chromebook can be picked up at the main office. Students taking these digital tests will receive an email from Ms. Katie Lyons in the main office to let them know their device is ready for pickup. 

AP students should speak with their AP teachers with specific questions about the test in that content. 

A quick guide on the upcoming AP Test (please read this over)

A video on how to find the AP Testing App on the school Chromebook for practice and exams

Please also see locations for IN PERSON and DIGITAL IN BUILDING and Digital tests here