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Keeping a Watch Over All Norsemen


One of the many things that we are proud of at Northglenn High School is our resource center. Odin's Outpost is an amazing place for students and community members to visit for services that we provide.  The Outpost builds community and provides resources like food, apparel and toiletries, which can be provided to Northglenn HS students and families in need. It is also a place to get school supplies, back packs and sometimes even bicycles! This is also where we house our school apparel and school spirit items for students and families to purchase. If you are looking for a place to buy a Northglenn hoodie, THIS is the place! 

If you would like to schedule a visit to the food bank, check out our new business attire for PBL's, or purchase Norse apparel, please see the times below. 

Odin's Outpost is open every Wednesday from 12-1pm for parents and families to visit. Students can also visit from 1-2pm. This is directly after early release days, so students can also visit to take home a grocery bag as well. You can also just email Ms. Lori Swanson @ or just see her in Counseling for visit or pickup. 

Visit the Odin's Outpost website here