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Fundraisers and Holiday Gift Ideas!

There are so much amazing things going on around here. Students are gearing up for holiday parties, winter sports and community service projects. At any given time there are groups and clubs selling apparel, butter braids, pledges, etc. If you are looking for a place to make a donation, here are a couple of places that you can get involved. Check back here periodically to see an update of the sweet deals that clubs, sports and activities have in store! 

DECA/FBLA is selling fudge again!  The fundraiser will close at midnight on Tuesday, November 16 so that we get delivery before winter break.  

If you can help us out, here is the link to our site

Pick the name of a student you know, or pick DECA/FBLA Students at the bottom of the list. 

Thank you so much for your support and for taking the time to read this!

Odin's Outpost is also a great place for Christmas shopping. You can get some awesome swag for your favorite Norsemen. All proceeds go to replenish the food bank and toiletries section of the Outpost. You can check out all of the apparel we have here, but note, there are some amazing accessories as well (hammers, hats, beads, helmets, bumper stickers, as SO MUCH MORE). 

Send Mrs. Nunn an email or come see her in room 702 to check out the apparel and gifts in our apparel store.