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Seniors! This is JUST for YOU!'s about time to start thinking about the end...of the semester. Yes, I know that it has just begun, but in the blink of an eye, it will be May and you will be moving on. SOOOOOO, here are a couple of announcements for you! 

  • If you've applied to college, tell your counselors so we can submit transcripts.
  • Check Naviance for scholarships!
  • If you need a letter of recommendation, give your teachers two weeks turnaround time.
  • See your counselor for help!
  • Order your cap and gown (and other grad stuff) here
  • In order to participate in the graduation ceremony all fees need to be paid in full.  Please check Infinite Campus for balance to see if you have any.  Fees can be paid by going to or visiting the Bookkeeper Office during students' lunch period. You can pay them in full or pay them down incrementally in amounts that work for your family. 
  • Fill out the YEARBOOK form for SENIOR PERSONALITIES! Fill out the form here! THIS IS DUE BY FRIDAY, JAN 21st. 

Have questions? Send Mrs. Nunn an email and she will find the answers for you!