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Jobs, Careers & Military

If you are looking for information about job opportunities, internships, and the military, visit our jobs website at:

What is a Career Cluster/Pathway?

A career pathways/cluster is a series of connected education and training programs, work experiences, and student support services that enable individuals to secure a job or advance in a demand industry or occupation.

Simply put, it is a student's preparation towards a career. This includes meaningful and intentional high school coursework, job experiences, internships, job shadows, and any other experiences connected to the student's eventual matriculation into college coursework for a specific occupation. 

Click here to learn about Career Cluster Pathways at Northglenn High School.

NGHS Internships

Students, this is not the end all be all. This is, simply put, a collection of resources that will greatly aid you. However, if you have any questions, doubts or fears about interviewing, resumes, etc. your counselor will take the time to give advice/guidance on your resume, to mock interview you, and/or help construct an email to send out to a company of interest. This is A LOT of information, take your time processing, and ask for help if you need it. 


How to Dress: First Impressions matter, how you dress greatly determines what kind you'll leave.
Answering Interview Questions: Get an upper hand and gain some insight on how best to answer interview questions.
Answering Scenario Based Questions: Handle these and you'll be miles ahead of your peers.
Questions to Ask an Interviewer: Believe it or not, this interview is for THEM too, be thoughtful in the questions you ask... More Questions.
Critical Thinking: This is an asset throughout life. Practice your Critical Thinking skills asking these questions when you learn or discover new information! This can only help during/before your interview.
You're just about Ready: A Pre-Interview Checklist, just in case.


Sample 'Teen' Resumes and Writing a Cover Letter: Some simple/straightforward samples to help guide you on this small, but significant part of the professional world.
Resume and Cover Letter Templates:Consider this a head start, but don't be afraid to make it your own too.
Action Verbs: You may be saying the same thing, but action verbs GREATLY strengthen your Resume; use them wisely and take it to the next level.
76 Transferable Skills: Much like action verbs, more effective ways of describing/stating the skills you already have.


Does a company seem to not offer opportunities for you, but you're not sure? Advocate for yourself, and take a leap of faith.
Sending an Email/Making the Phone Call to Schedule an Informational Interview:
I know it may be nerve wracking, and you may not know where to start, well... this is a good start! 
Informational Interview Dos and Some Don'ts: You're taking the lead on this one, lets help you avoid mistakes.
Questions You can/should ask: Got the interview? Bring some meaningful questions!
Back to the Basics: Writing a Thank You card may not get you the position, but it definitely will make you stand out and be memorable
Additional Resources: LinkedIn is the Facebook for Professionals, a deeper look into how it can be a useful tool, and more helpful information in general.






Military Recruiters for Northglenn High School

Army: Kaleb Vetterli - 

Army National Guard: SGT Jose Ortiz -,  720-527-6432

Marines: SGT Farook Ssengendo, USMC Recruiter -,  720-550-9741

Navy: Brandon Streeter,, 720-471-2424 

U.S. Air Force: Dennis Holtz - and Abraham Farias

U.S. Coast Guard: Karla Bagwell -, 303-252-0919