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Transitioning to High School

​High school is a new beast compared to middle school. As your freshman enters Northglenn HS, they will encounter many different elements on our campus. It is important to help them understand these elements early in order to be successful. A Northglenn High School student should understand that the expectation is to be in class. Attendance is paramount for success, but so does being on time to class and making the most out of every minute in class.

If your student has to be absent, or is late for any reason, it is their responsibility to know the teacher's expectation for making up work. Every teacher in our building will be utilizing Schoology to load all lessons and work. That is the first place that they need to check. Each teacher may have their own expectations about how and when to make up that work (and how to turn it in). 

Self advocacy is essential. Students may need your help to learn this skill. Ultimately, it is their responsibility to check in with teachers about their questions, work and grades. 

Infinite Campus is live! You can see your student's real time grade in all of their classes (they can as well). Find the "Parent Portal IC" icon on the front page to get started. 

Get involved in sports or extracurriculars 

  • Research also shows that making connections can be a great benefit for our mental and emotional success. From the creation of new relationships to an increase in self esteem. Participating in extra curricular activities, supporting peers and feeling part of something bigger than ourselves can be incredibly helpful in a student's achievements in school.  

 Help student establish a routine, have an area to study

  • Students are involved in many sports and activities. It is always good to sit down with students and help them plan out their week, month or semester. Teachers, coaches and the school as a whole have calendars for your student. When school starts, sit down with them and utilize the school planner to mark closures, due dates, games, work schedules. This will help you and your child to keep everything together.


We are excited to have your child as part of our Northglenn family! We are here to help.